Agoda Affiliate Agreement

To apply for agoda`s partner program, you don`t need any qualifications other than an email address. To apply, you can go to the affiliate site here: Once approved, you are considered an Agoda partner and receive your partner`s official badge that you can add to your website. is now one of the fastest growing hotel booking platforms on the market, with headquarters in Asia and growing influence in Europe, the Middle East and America. If you`re looking for a great way to get passive income to help people with their destinations, then the Agoda Partner Program is perfect for you. Looks like you`re pretty familiar with the basics of how affiliate marketing works. That`s great! But is your site already profitable? Do you spend hours wondering why you don`t see results yet? There are two major drawbacks of the Agoda affiliate program, the first is that there is no commission click-through rate. In other words, you will only receive a commission if the reservation is complete and the person has left the hotel. The second disadvantage is that Agoda only offers hotels and does not offer flights and tours, as do other partner programs. Another great way to promote your hotel partner program is for business travelers. Most business travelers are looking for quiet hotels with internet and spaces to do the work (meeting rooms, business center, etc.).

By offering some hotels designed for business travelers, they save these people the time and trouble of looking for it themselves. If you are a travel blogger/Vlogger, you should join this popular and lucrative partner program in the traveler line. Their latest feature even makes it possible to book airline tickets to thousands of local and international destinations, making it an even better choice for travel partners. With Agoda, you can expect to earn great commissions and take advantage of one-time payments. These factors, supported by a strong track record, high conversion rates and generous affiliate commissions, remove the Agoda affiliate program from others. The affiliate`s reward is 6% of the total booking value (excluding taxes) if the customer leaves. The lifetime of the cookie is one day (attribution is measured on the basis of the last click). Agoda has integrated its affiliate tool into WordPress that allows you to easily install the plugin and quickly add text links and banners to each of your entries. Some great ideas for additional partner programs you can work with with Agoda can be flights, packages, and travel equipment.

Each of them also has great online partner programs that you can try. Each of these hotels offers hotels similar to Agoda, but some of them offer more than just hotels, including flights and travel. These all enter the niche of partner travel/hotel programs. While it`s normal to have several of the same partner programs on a given website, I highly recommend limiting this to a maximum of 2 similar partner programs. Agoda Affiliate Badge for Agoda-related sites Agoda is a global travel booking platform with more than 2,000,000 exclusive accommodations on its booking list. Travelers visiting the best tourist destinations in Singapore, India, Australia, the United Kingdom and beyond can book a cheap yet comfortable stay through this fastest growing online travel portal. . . .