Apigee Service Level Agreement

During the duration of the agreement that Google has agreed to make the Google Cloud platform available to the customer (if applicable” the agreement), the covered service provides the customer with a percentage of monthly availability as follows (the “Service Level Objective” or “SLO”): you will need more SLoes and the ability to optimize these SLoes on the basis of changing scenarios to measure ALS and avoid conflicts between functions. In the example above, whether it`s the APIGEE layer or destination errors that led to 99.5% availability, can be answered if we set SLoEs, for example, the errors of Proxy Apigee (SLI – Service Level Indicator) are 0 -Target errors are 5. Apigee Edge Proxy Success Rate SLO can be defined as 99.99%. In the same way, you should have SLOs like the response proxy, response time lens, 4xx, 5xx, Latencies plus, which you can set according to your requirements when it comes to API. Proactive detection of API data traffic and performance issues is an important component of the team`s success. If API traffic increases without access to detailed data analytics and contextual alerts, the ability to comply with customer service level agreements (SLAs) may be compromised. With regard to the questions submitted to Github, service level agreements (SLAs) are not covered and the answers must be assumed to be made on an ad hoc voluntary basis. The Apigee Community Board is recommended as a community support and regularly verified by Apigee`s experts. A service level contract is an agreement between two or more parties, one being the customer and other service providers. It may be a formal or informal legally binding “treaty.” Most of the time with a single ALS may not be good enough, for example, let`s say there is an API called mocktarget.apigee.net/json that provides a Mock-Json response. SLA can set the number of times you receive 200 HTTP responses when you access this API based on percentages such as 99.9% or 99.99%.

To obtain one of the financial credits described above, the customer must notify Google, within five (5) calendar days from the end of the month in which the customer is entitled to obtain a financial credit, at edge.servicecredits@google.com. Failure to comply with this requirement loses the client`s right to obtain a financial loan. This Amazon API Gateway Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is a policy for using Amazon`s API gateway (“API gateway”) and applies separately to each account that uses the API gateway. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this ALS and the terms of the AWS customer agreement or any other agreement with us regarding your use of our services (the “Contract”), the terms of this ALS apply, but only to the extent of such a conflict. The terms used in this agreement, but which are not defined here, have the meaning of the agreement. 4. the billing cycle for which you are requesting service credits; Once you`ve launched your API program on Apigee Edge, the operating team is responsible for ensuring that APIs are available and working as intended to ensure the perfect ease of use for your consumers.