Customer Agreement Number

If you are a Postpay customer, you may be entitled to a discount if you are and remain connected to an organization that has an agreement with us. If your discount is not made through a national discount program, we may occasionally share with your organization certain information about your service (including your name, wireless phone number and total monthly fee) to ensure that you are still eligible. We may adjust or remove your discount in accordance with your organization`s agreement with us and remove your discount if your right to participate expires or your contract term expires. In any case, this will not have a major negative effect on you. If you delete a call in your coverage area, select it as you choose. If you respond within 5 minutes, call us within 90 days if you are a postpay customer, or within 45 days if you are a prepaid customer, and we will give you a 1 minute credit. If you are a Postpay customer and you lose service in your coverage area for more than 24 hours at a time and we are responsible, call us within 180 days and we will give you credit for the time lost. Please note that these are your only rights for deleted calls or interrupted services. Under the Federal Consumer Protection Act 1991 ( and a number of similar state laws, the transmission of unwanted commercial “junk food” is illegal, and the company is aware that receiving these faxes may affect your use of our services.

As a result, the company intends to use legally available means to prevent the distribution and receipt of these munks to our members. If the member feels that he has received a junk-fax, we ask the member to take the following two steps: (1) If the junk-fax contains a phone number, fax number or other contact information to unsubscribe from the receipt of additional junk-fax, please do so; and (2) Please go to the following website to file a complaint with the company by inserting the necessary information and including a copy of the offensive fax: The Member recognizes and accepts that as the owner of all fax numbers issued by the service, the company has all the rights to assert all legal rights against third parties because of the Member`s receipt of unsolicited fax machines, including, but not limited, to claims under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act 1991, and to the extent that the member has the right to assert such claims, the member hereafter cedes all rights to the corporation. Because business numbers can be assigned to other customers if the member`s account is terminated and to provide the best possible service to all customers, the member is not allowed to “register” to receive spam on the member`s business number. The company does not allow its customers to use their business number as “Drop-Box” to respond to spam. If the member feels that he has received a spam that uses a j2 number as a fax box to respond, we invite the member to take the following two steps: (1) If the email contains an email address, phone number, fax number or other contact information to unsubscribe from receiving additional emails, please do so. (2) If the customer is unable to successfully unsubscribe, please forward the offensive email to We review the customer`s complaint and are able to determine whether the fax number referred to in the spam email is the property of the company. If this is the case, we will try to contact the customer and, if necessary and appropriately, terminate the service of the company.