Jib Working Rule Agreement 2020

The protests come despite the controversial besna deal led by the ECA`s rival trade organisation, the HVCA, The following increases will come into effect from Monday 6 January 2020, as part of the final year of the 4-year wage agreement reached in 2016 between the Security Court and Unite the Union: But Bernard McAulay, the national construction officer, says contractors should return to the JIB agreement and reform it, and added that he is confident that Unite members will support strike action with the seven contractors. The two trade associations – which clumsily share the same office building in West London – quarrelled because HVCA was convinced by the demands of heavy contractors for a more homogeneous M&E sector, while ECA was not. The HVCA helped contractors develop the BESNA agreement and will become the Construction and Engineering Services Association in March. Judd says a “dialogue” has begun between the two bodies about what the rebranding of the HVCA means and how to work more collaboratively. The dispute concerns the decision of seven contractors – including Gratte Brothers and Balfour Beatty Engineering Services (BBES) – to abandon the Joint Industry Board (JIB) of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and Unite in favour of a new agreement by the Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association (HVCA). The move could have a huge impact on thousands of workers and change the shape of the M&D sector, which represents around 4,000 companies that generate £9 billion a year. BBES` John Moore proposes that the union launch a partial storm because it fears losing its influence – Unite is in the process of implementing, with the ECA, the JIB agreement for electricians. “The existing agreements give them considerable influence and are not interested in modernising the sector,” Moore says.