Land Share Agreement

one. Any discrepancies between the parties regarding its rights or obligations under this Agreement, which will not be resolved by mutual agreement after a thorough discussion, are submitted to a committee of three disinterested persons, by which each party is chosen, and the third of the two persons thus selected. The committee`s decisions are accepted by both parties. one. The parties agree and understand that the country is given to charity and that no rent for the use of the country and no part of the crops are difficult, as the crops are intended to support the direct and indirect charitable activities of the IHH for the benefit of neighbours in distress. The tenant also undertakes to make available all work, machinery and operating costs in cash, with the exception of a share of the previously agreed renter. The notion of biodiversity can mean two things: genetic diversity or functional diversity. Measuring genetic diversity doesn`t always work – because the bias for “soft” or attractive species means that others will disappear. Before you look at functional diversity, what is it? This is the function of a species. For example, one species may be the basis of a number of others, while another may not (it is functionally redundant). As a result, some species play a larger role. This is what keeps the balance of nature in place.

That is why we focus on the biological integrity of the system. This is where the Food Web (Food Web) analysis comes in. Functional diversity can be interpreted as the number of species needed for a particular ecological process. This requires identifying the “key role” of a species. This allows us to identify important species groups. In addition, we need to understand how to manage a landscape, as some species require a disorder to thrive. We can maximize biodiversity by supporting a dynamic landscape while allowing low intensity (for the environment to care for itself). Thus, in under-exploited environments, biological resources maximize our economy through biodiversity. E. Transfer of ownership. If the owner sells or transfers ownership of the land and land or otherwise transfers it, the lessor will do so subject to the appropriate provisions of this contract and all plant property or IHH as part of the agreement and the growing period.