Learning Agreement During The Mobility Uni Wien

Please have the changes signed by your host university (“host institution”) and your study directorate (SPL). Once the apprenticeship agreement has been signed by all three parties during mobility, download it to Mobility Online. If your home university does not specifically request it, you do not have to complete this section of the agreement. However, we advise you to discuss with your home university any changes to your course selection during the semester. If changes were to be made to your originally proposed curriculum or if you extend your stay, please create the Learning Agreement form during mobile online mobility. You can add additional courses (“added component”) and/or remove courses (“deleted component”). Gusshausstrasse 28, 1st floor 1040 Wienwww.tuwien.at/international If anything changes in the original curriculum or if you extend your stay, create the Learning Agreement form during the Mobility in Mobility Online. You can add additional courses (“added component”) and remove unnecessary courses. The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. With regard to student mobility for internships, the apprenticeship agreement should define how the internship is recognised, depending on whether it is counted in the student`s diploma, on a voluntary basis (not compulsory for the diploma) or by a recent graduate. See the guidelines below. Sign the form of your host university and your SPL.

Then download the Learning Agreement sub-framework during the Mobility im Mobility Online. internationalmobility@meduniwien.ac.at hours of office: SARS-CoV-2 is now moving dynamically in Europe, we now have to suspend our office hours in the care department until further notice. Don`t hesitate to contact us by email or phone. For the mobility of students for studies, the apprenticeship agreement should define the group of educational components that will be replaced at the end of their studies abroad. See the guidelines below. The minimum requirement for the Erasmus scholarship is 3 ECTS recognised per month. Please note that your host university may have different minimum or maximum requirements for the number of ECTS points. The three parties who sign the apprenticeship agreement are committed to respecting all agreed agreements and thereby ensuring that the student will obtain recognition for studies or internships conducted abroad without any other requirements. For Erasmus codes and all the other information you need, please read the following guide: The ERASMUS exchange program offers students from partner universities at the University of Medicine in Vienna the opportunity to study for a year or a semester at the Vienna Medical University.