Ranger Uranium Mine Agreement

1 Mr. Murdoch alleges that high-ranking Commonwealth government ministers spoke to representatives of Mirrar Gundjeihmi, who offered to pay their title fee on the city of Jabiru in exchange for their approval of the Jabiluka mine. The implementation of these Tenure arrangements required the creation of a number of legal bodies and bodies with different regulatory responsibilities with respect to indigenous peoples and issues in the region. These include the Office of the Monitoring Researcher, now known as the Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist (ERISS) and responsible for monitoring the environmental impact of the uranium mine; Jabiru`s urban development authority, responsible for the administration of the city of Jabiru; Parks Australia within the Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, responsible for the management of Kakadu National Park. In addition, with the adoption of ALRA, the Northern Land Council (NLC) was established as a legal body responsible for representing Aboriginal peoples with land interests in the upper end of the Northern Territory. Sturmer (1982: 89-91) rightly characterizes the functioning of these bodies as monolithic; In particular, he criticizes the fact that the Supervisory Scientist`s Office has no local connection to landowners. In his study of the region`s earliest indigenous organizational structures, von Sturmer (1982: 91) highlights the absence of indigenous people from administration and decision-making, as well as the invisibility of local indigenous issues and realities: “Without the duline pathways – the indigenous people who look outward, the non-indigenous who look inward – the knowledge needed to create a common ground of complacency do not happen.” While the Gagudju Association was touted as a model organization, some factors had an impact on its early success in the late 1980s to the mid-1990s. The association has invested heavily in two major hotels in Kakadu. These companies, like the tourism industry at the national level, were heavily affected by the 1989 pilots` strike, which significantly reduced tourist visits to Kakadu.

At the same time, the international uranium industry has slowed down. The resulting decline in the world price of uranium reduced the association`s revenue stream to one-third of what it received in the mid-1980s (Levitus 2005: 34); This has put considerable pressure on the organization`s service functions. Father Mirrar Gundjeihmi Mann also died in 1989 and the head of Murumburr-Mann resigned as president of the association. Traditional owners should be able to indicate when potential miners can re-apply for an exploration permit instead of having a legislated time frame.