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According to the California DMV, in 2010 there were 1,480 DUI arrests in San Francisco County. This is a low number compared with the rest of the Bay Area. As stated before, the first thing that needs to be done when arrested for a DUI in San Francisco is setting a hearing with the DMV within 10 days of the arrest.

The police report can be requested from the DMV. The police report, together with a detailed summary of events from you, the client, can provide insight into the strengths and weakness’s of the prosecutions case.

Most DUI cases result in two separate charges:

        1. Vehicle Code 23152(a) – Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs – this can encompass DUI arrest where the blood alcohol level is above or below 0.08, and there is some circumstantial evidence to show impairment, such as:
          1. Poor performance on the field sobriety tests;
          2. Poor driving;
          3. This charge is also used where there is no alcohol or spars amounts, but there are drugs present.
        2. Vehicle Code 23152(b) – Driving With a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.08%
          1. The prosecution must prove:
            1. Driving
            2. A vehicle
            3. With a BAC of 0.08%
            4. All elements must be concurrent.

Certain enhancements can also be alleged, such as :

      1. High Blood Alcohol, currently .15% or higher
      2. Speeding
      3. Prior Convictions


There are particular strategies to deal with all of these charges/enhancements. Contact San Francisco DUI Attorney Michael Rehm for a free, confidential consultation at (415) 230-2346 to determine the best way to fight these charges.

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