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Joint venture Bauxit mines and alumina operations in historic Northwest Guinea about 80% of Guinea`s foreign exchange. The bauxite is refined into alumina, which is then melted into aluminum. The Guinea Bauxite Company (CBG), which exports about 14 million tonnes of high-quality bauxite per year, is the main player in the bauxite industry. CBG is a joint venture 49% owned by the Guinean government and 51% by an international consortium called Halco Mining Inc., itself a joint venture controlled by aluminum producer Alcoa (AA), global miner Rio Tinto Group and Dadco Investments. [61] The CBG has exclusive rights to bauxite reserves and resources in northwestern Guinea until 2038. [62] In 2008, protesters who were energizing about poor power supplies blocked the tracks the CBG uses. In its agreements with international oil companies, Guineau often contains a condition that requires its partners to produce electricity for the surrounding communities. [63] Students learn a number of collaborative skills so that they can work well together in long-term groups (tribes). The emphasis is on: Tribes is a research-based process that creates a culture that maximizes learning and human development. This process requires learning how to build a community through three phases of group development; Inclusion, influence and community. During these phases, participants will demonstrate the five agreements; Listening attentively, Mutual Respect, Appreciation/No Put Downs, The Right to Participation/The Right to Passport and Best Personal Performance/Personal Responsibility (This final agreement was added because schools felt there was a lack of accountability in the agreements). Tribes is a step-by-step process to achieve specific learning goals.

Four agreements are respected: in 2014, the Ebola virus broke out in Guinea. In response, the Ministry of Health prohibits the sale and consumption of bats, designed to carry the disease. Despite this measure, the virus eventually spread from rural areas to Conakry[120] and spread to neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia in late June 2014. In early August 2014, Guinea closed its borders with Sierra Leone and Liberia to limit the spread of the virus, as there were more reported new cases of the disease in these countries than in Guinea. Polygamy is generally prohibited by law in Guinea, but there are exceptions. [140] UNICEF reports that 53.4% of Guinean women aged 15 to 49 enter into polygamous marriages. [141] Guinea is home to five ecoregions: the forests of Guinea, the lowlands of western Guinea, the mosaic of the Guinea Savana, the savannah of western Sudan and the Guinean mangroves. [58] It had a median value of 4.9/10 of the Forest Landscape 2019 Integrity Index, making it the 114th place in the world out of 172 countries. [59] For the origin of the name “Guinea,” see Guinea (region) Etymology. The 1970s were a golden decade for Guinean football. Hafia FC won the African Cup of Champions Clubs three times, in 1972, 1975 and 1977, while Horoya AC won the Winners` Cup in 1978.

[139] Guinea National Championship is the highest playing class in Guinean football. Since its inception in 1965, three teams have dominated the victory at the Guinea National Cup. [138] Horoya AC leads with 16 titles and is the current champion (2017-2018). Hafia FC (known as Conakry II in the 1960s) is the second with 15 titles dominated in the 1960s and 70s, but the last one arrived in 1985. Third at 13 is AS Kaloum Star, known as Conakry I in the 1960s. All three teams are stationed in the capital Conakry. No other team has more than five titles. Once exploratory drilling was completed in 2012, the Sabu-1 well was not considered economically viable.

[65] In November 2012, SCS, a hyperdynamic subsidiary, agreed to a 40% sale of the concession to Tullow Oil, resulting in 37% hyperdynamics, 40% Of Tullow Oil and 23% of shares on Guinea`s offshore coast. [66] Under the current agreement, hyperdynamics has until September 2016 to begin drilling the next selected site, the fatal Cenomanian Trbidit prospectus. [67] [