Yorkshire Water Build Over Agreement

During the construction of any construction, you must ensure that there are no public sewers in the area of the planned work. The other possibility is that the seller will provide the buyer with compensation insurance to protect against financial losses resulting from the construction of the property through a public sewer. It is the fastest and cheapest option, but whether or not insurance is available depends on the circumstances of each case. It depends on the individual situation, but for an application that can be built using a public sewer system, you probably need to create a Build over/Near app via our InFlow online portal if you don`t meet our standard criteria. The requirement for a construction agreement is defined in the H4 part of the building code, sometimes problems arise when owners try to sell their land, partially or entirely built by a public channel. Conservatories and extensions are the usual criminals. If a Build Over Agreement was not obtained when the work was done, then the water company has the legal right to enter the land to reach the canal, even if that means demolishing the building above the canal. However, if possible, the water company will avoid the damage and look for other ways to enter the sewers, but the risk remains. If a construction agreement has been reached, the water company has no right to remove or demolish the structure above the sewers.

Thirdly – the risk of damage to the building due to a sewer failure is not excessive with regard to: if the existing tube is discovered, be in poor condition or the material is pitch fiber, then for a construction to be taken into account, you will be required to lay the length of the pipe under the construction at your expense. This minimizes the risk of structural plumbing failure after construction and the potential for inconvenience and service losses for you in the future. First, that construction, extension or basic work- A construction agreement gives the water company the assurance that the work to be carried out will not adversely affect the underlying sewers, and that it will also ensure that the water company still has sufficient access to the canal for it to be repaired and maintained. If you plan to build nearby or via a public sewer, you should contact the water company before carrying out the work to determine its needs. Build over-agreements are a complex area both technically and legally and those who are not professional developers should consider seeking professional advice.